Building a Greenhouse


Building a Greenhouse

Building a greenhouse has always been a dream of mine. I love growing flowers and I used to help my mother every spring when it was time to plant. The time planting new flowers that grew next to our perennials, was very special to both my mother and me. When I grew up and moved into a place of my own, I knew that that was going to be a tradition I started at my house.

Amongst planting flowers outside, I started learning about greenhouses. I decided to start small so I looked into small greenhouses and what it would take to build one in my back yard. I decided on a small greenhouse because I knew then that I could give the flowers I grew the time and energy to bloom nicely. After picking up the blueprints for a miniature greenhouse, my husband and I went and got the materials to put it together. I was so excited about having specialty flowers along with the flowers in my landscaping.

Putting the greenhouse together was easy since my husband was skilled at building. I decided to call my mother when my greenhouse was built so that she could see it. When she arrived she was just as excited as I was and we talked all afternoon about the plants that I was wanting to grow. I asked my mother if she would be interested in helping me with my flowers and maybe grow some of her own. Her eyes lit up with happiness. I knew that it was not only because she had always wanted to grow some plants that thrived in a greenhouse but also because it meant working together again as a team. This was going to be another special time between my mother and me.

Throughout all of the planting that I have done in life, I have always loved having small greenhouses because of the care that can be given. I have had a few different greenhouses as we have moved a few times. When people have asked me about different tricks and skills that I have learned, it has usually been about them. is dedicated to information on the home and gardening accessories such as Small Greenhouses.

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