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Athearn Model Train

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N-scale Athearn model trains intermodal operators, rejoice! Athearn has released a new Gunderson Husky Stack properly vehicle in six paint schemes. This run with the standalone double-stack autos includes SP, TTX (two unique logo kinds), CSX Intermodal, BNSF, and BN. Each car or truck retails for $ 19.98 and is sold individually in a plastic jewel case with a protective cardboard sleeve.

As I write this, I am riding west on Amtrak’s Pennsylvanian, watching double-stack trains roll by within the other direction. Double-stack trains genuinely are the defining mark of modern freight railroading and Athearn has left a mark on the N-scale freight auto market place with their model from the modern day Gunderson Husky Stack car or truck. How is the Husky Stack any a lot more modern-day than the next freight car or truck? Read on and come across out!

Double-stack container trains 1st hit the rails for normal company in 1981. The Southern Pacific Railroad had developed the idea to present program for the Sea- Land maritime shipping organization. SP’s pioneering double-stack support let Sea- Land’s containers take a shortcut from the west coast to the Gulf of Mexico bypassing the Panama Canal. From prototype car or truck to production order, the SP spent a little over four years on the double-stack development project. The SP’s double-stack cars and trucks featured unwieldy bulkheads on every end to prevent the loose top container from blowing off in the auto. A new group at Greenbrier Intermodal designed a similar bulkhead auto, even as other organizations had been starting to leave the bulkheads off of their stack cars and trucks. The support for the upper container came from inter-box connectors (IBCs) which had been employed for years in oceangoing container shipping. Greenbrier and their car builder, Gunderson, wanted to get in on that marketplace, and did so with their Maxi-Stack automobiles. But there was another new marketplace out there: developing a single, two-truck stack car. Almost all in the existing automobiles in company had been articulated, with the exception of 1 SP prototype car.

David DeBoer, a co-founder of Greenbrier, had been seeking to fill this single-well stack car niche, despite the “intermodal experts” at Trailer Train Corp. insisting that the only single-well car that could ride smoothly was a European-style 2-axle car or truck. (In fact, it was DeBoer who wrote the reference book I utilised for a lot of this background. His Piggyback and Containers is really a highly recommended read, and it was my initially review item for MRN.) DeBoer sought advice from his retired former boss at the SP. This pitted the Doubting Thomases at TTX up against Bill Thomford, who had created the SP’s double-stack prototypes. Thomford laughed off Trailer Train’s existence, pointing out that his own single-well, two-truck stack car had a million miles of reliable services under its belt. DeBoer went back to Greenbrier along with the organization got to work designing the car that TTX said was doomed to failure.

In 1990, Gunderson turned out the Husky Stack. Test engineers proved Thomford correct, and the autos tracked perfectly. Trailer Train ended up reversing their initial claims and ordering 150 Husky Stack autos built with 48-foot wells in 1991. The Burlington Northern also ordered 75 autos and other buyers lined up later. The original 1991 model vehicles are still going strong for many different owners, such as Trailer Train.

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