As Video Conferencing To Help Peacekeepers In Changli County Public Security Bureau To Scale New


As Video Conferencing To Help Peacekeepers In Changli County Public Security Bureau To Scale New
Excellent Hebei Province Public Security Bureau – Changli County Public Security Bureau, through layers of the election race, the final priority of the world’s most famous professional video maker?? Shandong Grand Union Run Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Grand Union Run Company), build platform for video conferencing. Recently, the successful convening of the 16 police stations and districts, 497 police officers in the network video conferencing, to conscientiously carry out in 2009, “Safety Month” activities in the mission to mobilize.

2009 6 month is the eighth national “Safety Month”, this year’s “safety month” campaign theme is “Caring for life, security and development.” Founded in June 1949 Changli County Public Security Bureau, the existing area of 1212.4 square km area, under the jurisdiction of the county is located in Beijing, Tianjin and location, is an important hub connecting the Northeast, has always been the struggle against the enemy situation and the security situation is very complex, In recent years, especially with the “Gold Coast” tourism development, the rise of tourism, the county public security task more difficult. To achieve Changli County Security Information Building and keeping the soil and water safe, the Public Security Bureau spirit of “science and technology Police” strategic thinking. At present the company with profit as the Grand Alliance dimensional video conferencing system to achieve a higher level and the subordinate police stations and border posts between the effective and efficient management of the new network.

Global video conference to inform the relevant issues as follows:
1, highlighting the focus, innovation and mission mode. Departments at all levels of production should focus on national security, “the three action”, combined with the work of the new safety features, innovative form of missionaries, particularly the use of video conferencing systems for efficient and routine training session, this model is an excellent innovation should be promoted.

Second, improved media coverage, set up real-time platform. The branch should take the “Safety Month” this favorable opportunity, various forms of consulting services organization, the practice of the whole society to promote good experience. Publicity form not only pay attention to the news media play a major role and important news websites, but also the establishment of real-time communication platform for people to provide real-time consultation stations and monitoring stations, to achieve full social security of the production process fully transparent, to create service-oriented police team.

This innovative mode of communication, making Changli County Public Security Bureau deployed both in the higher level work, or subordinate the police station and a meeting between the border posts and training, are timely and efficient conduct. Not only saves a lot of time, improve efficiency, greatly strengthened the coordination between various departments and coordination, but also greatly reduce the high cost of the meeting and training. Form a unified, efficient command system to ensure the sub-stations and anti-post direct and efficient communication, the real information is shared. The police quickly. Changli County Public Security Bureau on several occasions been named as “excellent across the province’s Public Security Bureau.” Grand Union

independent research and development company, the company’s video conferencing system as Victoria, with its great flexibility, superior scalability, best-quality audio and video, instant messaging and real-time recording of meetings, public security office for the meeting to fast from day to day can be perfect out of the police competence. Victoria for many years serving as the public security industry, accumulated a wealth of experience, users get the trust of the public security industry. As the dimension (Super-V) will always focus on innovation network communication Technology , Create professional high-quality products, providing customers Expert Level of services to industry-leading quality and service to help customers succeed.

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