Alloy Wheel Guide


Alloy Wheel Guide
Many people opt to buy alloy wheels as an accessory for their car, but there are a few considerations anyone contemplating buying alloy wheels should make. The less weight on the wheels, the more speed which is something people tend to forget before they buy alloys wheels. Read this alloy wheel guide for some top tips before you buy alloy wheels:

Alloy weight and size
Lightweight alloys increase the speed of the car and some increase the cooling of the brake pads to prolong their lifespan. The open parts on some lightweight alloys allow air to get to the brake pads and so they will last longer. Lightweight alloys also improve the cars handling, as there is less weight rotating on the core elements including the suspension and brakes. Lightweight alloys are more likely to snap however due to the thin materials used.

Larger alloys are much more common on the roads despite the fact they slow the car. One way of having the appearance of a larger wheel without the alloy weight is to buy alloy wheels which are larger and a low profile tyre, although this will increase the road noise and the tyres are quite expensive.

Before you buy alloy wheels check
Once you have decided on lightweight alloy wheels or heavy alloy weight then make sure that you check the alloys are going to fit. When you buy alloy wheels look at where the nuts are on the alloy and on the wheel so they will match up. It would also be advisable to check the bore measurements. If you are unsure of how to do this you can ask in the shop. In some cases you may have to cut away at the wheel arches to get a tight fit.

Once you have read this alloy wheel guide and bought the right alloy weight you can either ask the shop or garage to fit them for you or attempt to fit them yourself. If you are fitting them yourself make sure you have the correct bolts and spigot rings to firmly secure the alloy.

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