A Quick History Of Bmw Vehicles And A Few Of Their Most Famous Models


A Quick History Of Bmw Vehicles And A Few Of Their Most Famous Models
During the period of 1928-1928 they decided to begin manufacturing in the car industry, creating models like the famous Dixi 3-15 DA which was one of their earliest models.

Even though the Great Depression had taken hold, the Dixi 3-1 DA helped to carry BMW through an economic meltdown that claimed many a company.

Just 6 years later in 1936 BMW returned with the BMW type roadster, which became a high-selling model and one of the most successful and popular sports cars of the era.

In the years following 1949, BMW set about creating new models such as the 501 and 502 with V8 engines, the 507 and the four cylinder 1500 which led to the 1600, the 1800 and the 2002.

The power of these models helped to set BMW apart as a clear leader in the field of sports car production and by 1970 the company became the renowned and innovative company that they still are today.

During this early period in the company’s history the BMW New Class, a series of sedans and sporting coupes, were put into development into the early 2000s.

It was the popularity of the New Class range that impressed car fans and really set BMW in good stead to become an established global car maker.

All of the cars in the New Class collection were fitted with the M10 four-cylinder engine; they were also fitted with a cutting-edge fully independent suspension system alongside front disc brakes which bring the vehicle to a quick and effective halt.

More recently, BMW have released the 3 Series, the 7 Series and the M3 Coupe.

The mid-sized executive BMW 3 Series is one example of an enduring model that is now in its fifth generation. After impressing many consumers over the years, the 3 Series has also been developed as the E90 and E92 and the station wagon E91 and convertible E93 models. The Gran Turismo 5 Series is another string to the bow – fusing a crossover SUV with a station wagon.

Perhaps the most popular executive sedan from BMW is the 7 Series and it has even caused a number of models to be made as offshoots. This has much to do with the success of the iDrive system as it was the first car in BMW’s range to use a hydrogen fuelled internal combustion engine, which only releases clean water as a vapour.

The X3 SUV model is first crossover model to be manufactured by BMW and is an off-roader to rival Jeep or Land Rover. These models, dubbed ‘Sports Activity Vehicles’ or ‘Sports Activity Coupes’ have seen many different improvements with a range of new models being introduced allowing BMW to have a broader range as a manufacturer and widening its expertise beyond sport coupes. It is also a model that has caused waves, thanks to its innovative design features and powerful performance.

Furthermore, BMW is keen to improve upon the environmental efficiency of its vehicles. The company is a charter member of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and it is also affiliated with a scheme called the South Carolina Environmental Excellence Program.

BMW is concerned about the current state of CO2 emissions and actively contributes to the cause by making a couple of alternative fuels and engines with increased efficiency. You can experience these features if you choose to purchase one of their newer models or you may prefer leasing a BMW instead.

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