5 Things You Should Know About Hydrogen Car Kits


5 Things You Should Know About Hydrogen Car Kits

As hydrogen car kits are now becoming more common there is a lot of fear, uncertainty, and doubt about them. So, if you’re interested in getting hold of a kit you should get to know some real facts:

False Fact 1: Hydrogen car kits burn water.

The Truth:Hydrogen car kits do not burn water. Water cannot burn. It’s impossible. But what they do is that they use the car battery to ‘split’ the water into molecular hydrogen and molecular oxygen. The resulting HHO gas, or brown gas as it is called, is then used to generate the necessary energy.

False Fact 2: Hydrogen car kits can’t be useful. They spend more energy in splitting the water than they do from actually burning the resulting brown gas. It’s just basic physics.

The Truth:If this is what hydrogen car kits would be actually doing, you’d be right. However the hydrogen gas is used as an additive which greatly improves the efficiency of the gasoline burning process. Basically, the mixture burns faster and thus a much smaller amount of energy is dissipated as heat and converted into useful energy.

False Fact 3: If hydrogen car kits really work then the car manufacturers’ would have used them a long time ago.

The Truth: This is nonsense. Car manufacturers’ are very conservative in their designs. Diesel engines for example, which are much more efficient than petrol ones have been with us almost for as long as cars themselves, yet they are still in the minority. We don’t want to point any fingers here, but when these manufacturers’ compare the benefits of an improved design with the cost of modifying their assembly lines, the cost-aware argument usually wins.

False Fact 4: The price for the components of these hydrogen car kits is huge.

The Truth: This is again is false. These systems were invented by people like you and me who were passionate about making a difference. This means that they had low budgets and they had access only to off-the-shelf components. This is a grassroots movement and the cost reflects this.

False Fact 5: If these hydrogen car kits really are that good, wouldn’t the government support them? There’s no help from the government in this direction, which obviously means that these kits are absolutely useless.

The Truth: Indeed, the government is not supporting such innovations, but not because these kits do not deserve, but rather because there are no huge corporate interests and lobbyists behind them. The only initiative of this type that the government is supporting is ethanol (alcohol) fuel, which is not very efficient, but which has the benefit of producing huge profits for the agribusiness establishment, which pays taxes to the government.

Vic George is a professional writer, who adds that these then are the raw facts. If by any chance you have decided to try a hydrogen car kit, congratulations. If not visit http://vgspublishing.com/

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