4 Places to Use Wall Decals in Your Home


4 Places to Use Wall Decals in Your Home

Wall decals can be a fun and creative way to spice up any room. You can find a variety of choices from stores like CB2 and Chiasso that are easy to apply, easy to clean, and offer up some very creative and stylish designs. If you are unsure where you could use wall decals, take a look below at some of the creative and fun ways you can use them in your home.

1. Kids Rooms

Kids love colorful and fun rooms. They have favorite characters or themes and want their rooms filled with them. The downside to this is they change what their favorites things are frequently. If you are decorating your kids room and want to create a virtual fantasyland for them with all their favorite animals, characters or colors, putting up wall paper or borders may be a huge mistake. As soon as you are finished applying the paint, wallpaper or borders to the room, they have already decided they have a new favorite that they want their room to reflect. It can be messy and time consuming, not to mention pricey to change out wallpaper, borders or paint.

Why not go with wall decals? They are easy to apply and easy to clean and maybe best of all, easy to remove. The affordable wall decals allow your children to have the room of their dreams and when their dreams change, you simply peel them off and apply the new favorites they cannot live without.

2. Kitchen

The kitchen is not the most likely place for your decals, but they can work in this room and look great. Above the stove where it is hard to find items to hang in the small area is a great place for a few cute decals. You can border your walls with floral ones, cute little chefs or other items that match your décor, and get the look of a wallpaper border without the mess, without the time and without the high cost. The best things about displaying these in your kitchen is that they can be changed as often as you want, they apply easily and stay in place, but once they are peeled off, they leave no sticky residue and do not harm your paint.

3. Bathroom

The bathroom is a great place for wall decals. They are easy to wipe clean and offer some added décor to a room that is small and hard to decorate. There is no need to take down that tile and no need to leave it empty and boring; apply some cute decals that go with the colors or the theme of the room and you will have an instant and affordable solution to your décor problems.

4. Recreational Room

Your rec room is filled with games, videos, pool tables and more, so why not decorate with the theme by using wall decals. You can find large ones that will fill up an entire wall and create a theme that your kids and your friends will enjoy.


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